Facilitated workshops

We provide workshops for employers to support staff who have caring responsibilities for an older person.  Sessions are delivered through webinar or face-to-face and often form part of an organisation's well-being strategy. Our sessions are also delivered for community organisations or agencies who support carers. Further detail of our offer, which is highly participative, including role-playing, problem-solving and sharing, can be found here.

Our offer includes:

The Final 15 Framework:  A one-hour webinar uses an innovative framework supporting planning for the final years through 5 complementary topics. The webinar can be delivered to any number of participants as a one-off presentation.

Caring as part of your lifestyle:  In this programme of workshops or webinars participants explore their circumstances using group interaction to arrive at personalised solutions. Three one-hour sessions explore topics of problem solving, being prepared to care, and difficult conversations. 

We deliver our workshops to employees in public and private sector organisations in the East of England, our local area as well as nationwide. Our clients include Addenbrokes Hospital, Biotech companies, Legal  and construction firms as well as Higher Education employers. Employers recognise this as part of their wellbeing offer. Our evaluation of the workshops shows the really positive impact that they have on the morale and self-belief of carers as they realise that their experience is shared by colleagues and that they can work together with peers to find solutions and understand how to manage their caring role around their work and family commitments.  As one participant said,

        "I have never had this conversation at work before".

We offer to work with our clients following the workshops to create a peer to peer support legacy through identifying and developing work place champions.
Our inspirational trainers are available to deliver workshops onsite at your premises at a time and in a format to meet your particular needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help.